Grgich Hills Estate Winery
Grgich Hills Estate Premium Winery

Grgich Hills Label

When Miljenko “Mike” Grgich joined forces with Austin Hills in 1977 to form Grgich Hills Cellar, the original label design proposed a rearing horse clenching a baton in its mouth, a colorful feature of the Hills’ family crest. After some friendly debate over the label and how it should be redesigned to reflect the philosophy of the newly formed winery, the winning argument concluded with the point that “Horses do not make wine. Grapes make wine!” and thus, the current design was agreed upon.

Produced by Wine Country artist Sebastian Titus, the highly recognizable label features a prominent cluster of grapes. White wine labels feature yellow chardonnay grapes and red wine labels feature red cabernet sauvignon grapes. In the lower right and left hand corners the partners share equal billing through the depiction of the red and white checkerboard crest of Croatia, Grgich’s homeland in former Yugoslavia, and the familiar rearing horse of the Hills’ family crest.

All the wines produced at Grgich Hills are from grapes grown and lovingly cared for on our property. That is why we proudly place Estate Grown on every bottle. This is a considerable financial and philosophical commitment. In recognition of that important milestone, the winery has changed its name to Grgich Hills Estate in 2007.